System Integration (API)

Simple, Powerful, Scalable SMS API


Flexible API
Yes! You can Integrate HeloMobile features into your own software using your preferred programming language. Instant Access
Get instant access to everything you need to start integrating HeloMobile SMS solutions functionality into your own software.

Powerful features
Access powerful HeloMobile features from within your own application using HTTP or SMTP

Supports all languages
We support all languages (PHP, .NET, C#, Java, Python, Ruby etc) and new SDKs are being added to our documentation all the time.

Our Comprehensive API
Features Include

Send SMS Via API

Send text messages up to 918 characters long from your app via HTTP or SMTP

Inbound SMS Via API

Get inbound messages direct into your app using automatic HTTP POST forwarding

Manage Users

Create sub-users on the fly with their own credits, contact information & settings

Manage Contacts

Keep your data clean by syncing your HeloMobile contacts with your own application

Custom Reports

Retrieve the data from reports for specific users to check usage, message content & more

Message Status

Check the status of a specific sent message to see if it was delivered

Let’s get started

We assure you of the best experience when it comes to Business Text Messaging with Personal Support. Everything you need to start using SMS for marketing, notifications, reminders and much more.

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