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Does Helomobile have APIs?

One of the tenets heloMobile was built on is strong APIs with comprehensive documentation. We seek to make is as easy as possible for developers to be able to integrate their systems with ours to reach as many customers as possible.

How much does HeloMobile USSD solutions cost?

USSD Solutions are a custom solution and thus we need a lot more information. How many steps are involved in the customer journey? What is the primary use of the system; data collection or dissemination? We also need to know if you require a dedicated USSD code or a shared USSD code with a dedicated channel.

If you don’t have the answers to all these questions, one of account managers would love to sit with you and help you build out your solution.

How do I send an SMS on Helomobile?

We offer two options, a self managed solution where you login, type out your message and once approved it is sent out. We also attached every account with an account manager who you can call and have send out the message on your behalf.

We understand you are busy, and don’t want to add another task on your plate!

What Is the cost of sending 1 SMS on Helomobile?

This is a loaded question; 1 SMS only or the cost of 1 SMS amongst 1,000,000?

Our prices are volume based depending on your volumes and monthly commitments, we will give you a market leading and competitive price.

How do I buy SMS credits on Helomobile?

Once we create a HeloMobile account, we offer automated top up via Mpesa. We also accept cash, cheques, bank transfer, and other mobile money operators; after which your account manager will credit your account.

Actually the only payment method we don’t accept is cowrie shells!

Which networks is Helomobile connected to?

We have integrated with all Kenyan mobile network operators; Safaricom, AIrtel, Telkom and Equitel. We have accounts with all Major Kenyan mobile network operators.

How secure is Helomobile Platform?

Security is paramount for both you and your customers. We have isolated databases for all our users meaning no one outside of your account can access your contact list. We run virtual machines from both Safaricom and Google CLoud that are impermeable to hackers and have secured our website with SSL Certification to ensure that data cannot be accessed or manipulated.

And if that’s not enough, we give you really hard password!

How Do I access Helomobile Platform?

Ours is a cloud based platform, meaning that you can access the HeloMobile platform from anywhere in the world and at any time. We guarantee an uptime of 99%

Access us any time, from anywhere; except maybe North Korea at midnight!

Is Helomobile Registered and Licensed

HeloMobile is a Brand belonging to Sitect tel (k) Limited, which is a company registered with the Government of Kenya as a business but also licensed and regulated by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

And also loved by our clients; and isn’t that the most important registration?

What services does Helomobile Offer?

HeloMobile offers a communications and payments platform that allows you to reach out to your customers via SMS, Voice calls, USSD Codes and aggregates data from your mobile money payment methods.

We also offer a great cup of coffee when you visit us at our offices!

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